Eiko Ishioka (1938 - 2012). Eiko was a designer from Japan. Though the work I am sharing is costumes/fashion related her talents went far beyond just costume design. She dabbled in sets for stage, installation art, and interior design among other things. Her work can be found on-screen in major movie productions or on-stage for plays and musicals. I really enjoy her work because of her strong use of colors and her outstanding play of shapes/materials. Her designs are so simple, but when I look at each piece I can see and feel the emotional response she is trying to get the viewer to experience.

Sadly Eiko passed away earlier this year due to cancer. The world of design lost a truly a great individual. Work of hers floats around the web. Notable movies she was involved with include Bram Stokers Dracula, The Fall, The Cell, and The Immortals. 

I love Eiko Ishioka’s forms, textures, everything. (She and Kazuma Kaneko will always be a huge influence.)